Differences Between Behavior Therapy And Psychoanalysis

Like all forms of therapy, behavior therapy and psychoanalysis share the goals of reducing psychological symptoms and improving quality of life. In addition, the success of both may be determined more by the strength of the relationship between client and therapist than by the methods used. However, as seen above, there are some critical differences between behavior therapy and psychoanalysis.

Time Frame

The time frame for successful treatment differs greatly between behavior therapy and psychoanalysis. Patients in psychoanalysis often see their analyst two or more times a week for multiple years. Behavior therapies are much briefer: some courses of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy last only five sessions

Belief System

Behavior therapy professionals believe that what triggers a person’s emotional or mental instability is the thought and ideas he has- They are not focused on the past experiences a person has.

The psychoanalyst has different opinions- they believe that the repressed emotions in the unconscious mind trigger mental health relapse. If you want a lasting solution to emotional breakdown or mental instability, you have to bring your unconscious mind to light.


A psychoanalyst takes a different approach to solving clients’ problems than a behaviorist. Psychoanalytic sessions are largely led by the patient’s train of thought: the analyst may speak very little and take notes while the patient free associates. The goal is for the patient to access repressed thoughts, feelings, and memories, thereby gaining insight into their past and releasing associated pain. Behaviorists, on the other hand, are concerned with what can be measured or quantified, and they carefully direct therapy sessions to meet specific goals.


The purpose of psychotherapy is to help people change and grow, as well as to ease the symptoms of conditions such as anxiety and depression. To choose the right form of therapy, you need to consider which is best suited for your goals and challenges.

Therapists at Sawa come from a variety of clinical backgrounds and orientations. Whether you want to explore issues from your past to break unhealthy relationship patterns or change a bad habit such as smoking or overeating, you can schedule an appointment with a professional at Sawa today. After answering some basic questions about your history and what brings you to therapy, you will be matched with a therapist whose approach is right for you.

CBT with a licensed therapist is the first-line treatment for conditions from phobiastoPTSD. And research shows that online CBT (CBT) is an effective alternative to face-to-face treatment. One recent study found no significant differences at a three-month follow-up between the depressive symptoms of those who received face-to-face CBT and internet CBT. Another study found that those who received CBT had significantly fewer depressive symptoms than a control group during a 10-week trial. CBT helps people reframe negative thoughts into positive ones; this reframing leads to more positive emotions and healthier behaviors as well.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

As discussed above, online CBT with a licensed therapist is a great way to work on anxiety, depression, and more. But when you’re struggling with symptoms like fatigue and fear, it can be hard to find the motivation to leave home. This is where online therapy comes in. You can access the online therapy platform from the comfort and privacy of your own home. There’s no need to sit in traffic or take time out of your busy workday to drive to your appointment; you can speak with your licensed therapist from wherever you have an internet connection. Sawa licensed therapists have used CBT to help people with a variety of challenges.

How Is Behavior Therapy Different Than Psychoanalysis?

If you’re still wondering if therapy is right for you or how much therapy costs, please contact us at Sawa, a specializes in online therapy to help address all types of mental health concerns.

Source: BetterHelp


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